Is there a way to download the entire dataset directly?



I want to do some analysis on the dataset but making API calls endlessly is tiresome.

Is there a way to download the entire dataset ? If not, I could host it for you.



Yes, there is. What dataset do you want? BTW we are doing a revamp of OpenSpending which will make bulk download better accessible -



I’m looking for the whole OpenSpending dataset if possible (and also OpenCorporates if possible, but it’s another story)



ah ok - remember OpenSpending has a “partitioned” mode where each dataset is separate - there is no “single” table with every transaction.


ok, thanks, looking forward to have access to the partitions


Well right now it will be painful to get you all of them - hence, do you have a specific one you want. Otherwise, if you wait a month or so we should have them once the “next” migration is started.


Maybe to explain a bit more:

  • OpenSpending does not have one consolidate database - that is not how it works
  • Thus you get bulk data per dataset
  • Getting that bulk data per dataset is possible but varies a bit in process depending on how big the dataset is (also normally data is uploaded into OpenSpending from a thirdparty source that is listed on the about page for each dataset)
  • We are doing a migration - that will make this more consistent and easier - but that won’t be online for around a month or so


Fine, just gonna wait one month, I have other datasets to explore for now