How to set up a new Labs venue?


We would like to set up Open Knowledge Labs Helsinki.

Around the openness actors in Helsinki, namely Open Knowledge, Transparency, Wikimedia, Greenpeace, as well as some journalists and open data -related companies there has been an increasing amount of software development work relating to OpenSpending, Geodata, Froide, traffic and mydata.

We would like to gather these projects under Open Knowledge Labs Helsinki banner to create a place for reusing software and giving advice under the narrative that is common to Labs projects.

It would be sensible to agree how we can use the brand. I had a chat with @rufuspollock. @danfowler and @Mor we chatted about this a few times before already. Do you have ideas on best way to take the matter forward?

You can see stuff about the venue here: We have “Open Sauna” to the community every Friday, two meeting rooms and a plenary for about 30 people. There are weekly community events having to with openness in different context.

Labs Hangout November 2016

That may could be of interest for Vienna too.