Improving Data Package Manager documentation

As suggested here, it would be nice to include some improved instructions on how to use the data package manager (dpm).

As mentioned in that post, [quote=“gsilvapt, post:13, topic:919”]
The Data Package Manager and the other data package repositories need some improved instructions. I know you guys have eased the job by creating online tools to create the needed files. But then, there is this that I made with Ricardo Lafuente once: Obviously, he took care of the coding parts, I improved the documentation about it. And, in the end, it seems fairly straightforward to create and validate datapackages by using a few codes in the terminal.

I am not a technical guy and the only thing I can do is to report my experience. Nevertheless, I am here to contribute and I believe this is an important part to help other non-power users to use the tools we are creating without suffering that much. Understanding those tools and have enough knowledge to be independent is kind of important - at least to me!

If any case, I don’t mind suggestions some edits to the website. I am not sure where the repository is though, so please enlighten me.

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Hi @gsilvapt here is the repository and issue tracker for dpm: Issues · frictionlessdata/dpm-js · GitHub

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Thanks @danfowler. This is useful to add to the Handbook.