Increase numbers by working with portal vendors


I noticed Socrata offered to update all their open data sites to in bulk. Should we approach other portal vendors to do the same?

If so, we may need help reviewing unless we accept as provided.


I’m pretty sure the CKAN list is driven by a google sheet owned by OKFN folks. I don’t have access to it in the CKAN Association Google Drive account myself. It should be easy to get it in a format that can be loaded into


I have contacts for all those orgs too, so if you’d like me to reach out to them, including the DKAN folks, then that is easy.


Thanks @Starl3n, I’ll put together a spreadsheet and then share it with you to pass on to your contacts in those organisations.


@Starl3n use this Google Sheet to collect catalog data for

Thanks for helping out.


Can’t wait to find out where all the ESRI ArcGIS Open Data portals are?
You’ll find them here


OpenDataSoft have catalogued 1600+ open data portals leveraging and other resources (here’s how they did it).

Get the data.

I’ve noticed the locations of some Australian Open Data portals are not correct so something was lost in translation.


Looking at the embedded view of the data a bunch of Australian ones were also missing.