Intro to OKF at data@sheffield on 16 Dec - anyone available?


Hi All

Mike Smith from data@sheffield invited me to talk on open data and give an overview of OKF at his data@sheffield meeting on 16 Dec but I’m not available. Is anyone else around?

Just let me know and/or email Mike directly on

Thanks very much!


@EdSaperia and @ewan_klein would either of you be available / interested?

@jcmolloy do they cover travel expenses?


I don’t know, but I invited Michael to respond here with more details!


Thanks for posting this Jenny!

I should have let you know today, that Farida Vis is going to be speaking at the conference, probably about her recent work looking at the social response to the refugee crisis:
So she’ll also be able to give us an idea about the OKF.

If anyone wants to come along anyway, feel free! You can find out a bit more about the conference here (and links to book your place):
It follows the evening Data Hide (a newish monthly evening event around data science):

I’ve got to dash, but I think that’s the main points.

Let me know if you have any questions.

@Jenny; Thanks again for your help connecting us with people, etc.