Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetups


Just spotted Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup via a mutual follower @RussellExolta on Twitter.

It appears to be an active group with regular meetings in Edinburgh (and now Glasgow).

I don’t (yet) know if there is an “open” connection but I’ve asked. Will report back.


Right, my membership to the group (873) has been approved.


I’ve since discovered that this group are on Twitter and it’s co-organizer Michael Young & I were already mutual followers.

Have signed up (60 so far) to attend Glasgow Meetup Launch: Data in a Disruptive World on June 2nd.


In answer to the is there “open data” synergy, the answer is yes !

Hey @rufuspollock This could be interesting. @ewan_klein you know about this community ?


I went to a great talk about using big data at charities - the only one I’ve been to so can’t comment on the rest, but I’ll keep watching for future talks!


Right, just back home from this event.

There were 99 attendees. The event was livestreamed (archive here).

It turns out I had already met 3 of the attendees, all of whom have a connection with “open”.

2 of the speakers touched upon open data.

Managed to have a quick chat with Michael Young (cool guy).

@rufuspollock May I e-introduce you to tonight’s MD Gillian Docherty CEO of The Data Lab. You can reach her here on Twitter. She is already aware of OKI and you.

She certainly would like to connect with you and tentatively asked if you would be interested in giving a talk in Glasgow next March although I don’t yet know the context.

The venue is new (well recently refurbished) and will be hosting more of these events in the future. They have £5.2M funding over the next 5 years.

This was very much a networking event - almost as much time devoted to that than talks.

Glad I went and there is certainly synergy with their community (ca 1,000) in Scotland and OKI.

(I thought I should sport an interesting t-shirt from my large collection for this and chose this one which went down rather well)…