Open Knowledge Meetup - San Francisco - October 2015

Sounds a good idea and there quite a few folks there. I’m also cc’ing @juliakloiber who will be in SF earlier that week (at least until the 2nd) for CfA summit.

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Coolio - I’ll work out a public venue, times and post details. Unless someone local to SF opts to provide a venue it will need to be a cafe meetup. That works for me though :smile:

In the past we’ve been able to do these at the Wikimedia offices.

I can put in touch with Wikimedia Foundation friends, if necessary. Just let me know.

Code for America has also an awesome space and I think it’d be possible to talk directly to those there we know.

Thanks @everton137 and @rufuspollock. I was talking with Greg Bloom from Open Referral about getting in touch with the SFBrigade but it would be fantastic to have everyone come to one place and generally mix it up.

It would be very much appreciated if you could pass on my details to the Wikimedia folks. Email is pretty easy to guess - steven dot decosta at Or, PM me any contact details and I can follow up.

Thanks again!

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I’ve sent an e-mail to Asaf Bartov and Luis Villa with you both cced. By the way, look at this page Open Knowledge and Wikimedia.

This has all fallen into place really well :smile:

Thanks @everton137 for helping with the connections!

I’ve setup this meetup with video link details. I’ll make a best effort to broadcast any presentations during that one hour spot referenced in the rough agenda.
[removed link due to cancellation of event]

Just note that the event is 1:30pm Pacific US time and if everything goes well then broadcasting from 2pm will start. The video conference can take up to 50 attendees. I’ll likely have sound muted and will check the chat line for Q&A sections.

Next questions is - who else might be attending from Open Knowledge?

Oh - to manage actual RSVPs for the physical meetup I’m setting up a different event page :slight_smile: Will post that once it is up.

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An event page for those who can physically attend is ready now.

We’ll have around 20 people expected to attend from Wikimedia and have up to 20 spots available for others to attend.

The page for registering to attend in SF is here:
[removed link due to cancellation of event]

If you know of specific people who you think would like to attend and will be in SF at the time, please invite them along by passing on the URL.

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HI everyone - I’ve decided to cancel this event as the RSVPs weren’t high. Just two folks who I’ll follow up with directly. I’m still meeting up with folks from Wikimedia though. I’ll write about that after :smile:


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A quick update on this. I did an internal presentation to the @Wikimedia folks and had a great chat with people after. I’ve been flooded with work since but there is some interesting stuff to follow up on. Namely, how to we have official published data that can then be enhanced through crowed sourced wikipedians? I think there is a project there somewhere to note the diff between published and suggested improvements.

I hate to think I’m moving toward the buzz of IoT but these sorts of things are pretty big concerns. The VW example showed us how garbage data can be made by design. There is a role for civil society to peer review data itself and not just use the data we’ve been handed by public sector or private sector organisations. The @wikidata project looks very interesting when you concern yourself with this stuff…

I just came back from a short trip to San Francisco and am really glad I did not end up missing this meetup. On the other hand, it would have been super cool to see you all if the stars had aligned.

@Starl3n I’d been keen to know more about data standards/ethics in the age of connected devices - it would be great if the Open Design+Hardware group had some kind of position paper or thread going here. Could you share your presentation to provoke more thoughts?

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Sorry for the slow reply! I’ve been traveling and generally caught up in work :smile:

The deck I used can be found here:
CKAN and Australian open data updates for Wikimedia - 7 October 2015

I hope to record a bunch of short presentations soon… I think I’ll have time before Christmas!

@Starl3n thanks a lot for sharing,
really good overview there. What is that Published Data Handbook on p.29?

Something I tried tried to kick off in Ottowa during the open data conference. Not to be confused with the existing open data handbook though :smile:

I did a post about it here:

There is a video in that post where I intro the idea as part of hosting a panel session (bad audio so listen with headphones…)

I do hope to come back to it in the future and if I can pull together useful recipes then I’d aim to provide these as resources for the open data handbook.

Thanks, I will tune in.