Introduction & potential meetup at RSE Conference in Manchester

HI everyone - First I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Ethan White. I’m a faculty member at the University of Florida. My lab does research on data-intensive ecology, is actively involved in Software and Data Carpentry, and develops the Data Retriever (GitHub - weecology/retriever: Quickly download, clean up, and install public datasets into a database management system; formerly the EcoData Retriever) which has similar goals to a lot of the great work going on here but is focused on working with data that don’t necessarily follow standards and therefore often need to be automatically cleaned and restructured before they can be easily used.

I’m interested in chatting more with folks about shared interests and standards (we just moved the Data Retriever over to a slightly expanded version of the Data Package JSON standard for our simpler datasets as part of a GSoC project this summer). I’m going to be in Manchester for the RSE Conference next week and was wondering if anyone from the Frictionless data community was going to be there. If so, I’d love to meet up and chat.


Hi @ethanwhite this sounds great! @Jobarratt and I are currently at International Data Week with Jo heading to the 2016 GODAN Summit at the same time as the Manchester event. Perhaps we could arrange a call though?

Hi @danfowler - terrible sorry for the delay. I’ve been playing catchup since my trip and finally trying to get back on top of things. I’ll respond to your email shortly to set something up. Thanks!

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