Is Fishsubsidies alive?


I saw this post on Reddit

asking about the current status of FishSubsidies. Perhaps someone can chime in there, or reply here and I will point to this discussion in the Reddit comments?


Thanks for flagging and will update there pointing here …

Basic summary I can put here:

  • FarmSubsidy moved over to become part of OpenSpending a couple of years
  • FishSubsidy was discussed but did not happen at the time

I’m reaching out to Jack Thurston who did the amazing work creating both projects to follow up re FishSubsidy and see if we can get data.


Update: I’ve dug up some cached data I’ve got from 2012 that looks pretty extensive. I will try to post later. I’m also trying to get in touch with Jack and have spoken with one of his developers.


Thank you very much!


@Rufus any news about data? i tried to contact EU maritime affairs & fisheries but i don’t get answer yet


@andriatz yes - i’ve got some info and am planning to post here asap:


This just dropped after my stack. I’ve opened an issue here to track this. Please keep pinging me on this if you want the data!