We want ALL data on all European Subsidies!

Hi Everyone,

We need your HELP! We want ALL data on all European Subsidies!

How much the EU spends its money and how EU-subsidies are divided on regional level is wonderfully complex and difficult to trace. The data is partially available on different websites of regions and members states.

We, Open Knowledge Germany and Open Knowledge International, have set out to bring this all together in one platform, and make sure it is easy to query, visualise and analyse. We will start with the European Structural and Cohesion Funds (ESIF). We have made a first forey bringing all the ESIF datasets/websites in this spreadsheet and this repository.

Now we need your help!

Would you like to work on European Funds and Subsidies for your country, or are you already working on it? Do drop us a line!

Do you have domain knowledge about Financial Transparency in Europe and would you like to help us write tutorials and resources?

Do you just want to play around with the data and find stories in the datasets?

Let us know!


Anna, Bela, Loic, Diana, Victoria

cc @VictoriaVlad1 @cyberbikepunk


Hi Anna - in 2014 we started with Open State Foundation to get all subsidy data for the Netherlands. we’re currently updating the tool with new data and design. http://subsidietrekker.nl (in english subsidy tracker) is still old design.

We plan to launch the new version soon. it then will run with elastic search. it contains data on the governent (EU, Ministry, Provincie, Municipality), recipient, budget line, policy, amount and year of disbursement. It contains data on all ministries (some 40K subsidies per year), all provinces and a number of municipalities that have a subsidy register. It extracts data from a number of sources, some as open data, but most is derived from Excel-turned-into-PDF-files. At relaunch, data will contain information on subsidies for 2013, 2014 and 2015. The number of munipalities has grown to 100+ (out of 395 municipalities).


Hi Arjan,

Ah, the OpenState always has the nicest tools :smiley: Definitely will be looking at your toolbox once we have all the data together for examples on what data to add and how we can compare the data.

Keep us updated when you launch the newest version.

Cheers, Anna

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