Is getting tableschema-r on CRAN a goal for that repo/package?

I’m looking at using tableschema-r in a project and it seems like it might be the best solution for us, thanks for the package and clear documentation.

I noticed that the package never made it on to CRAN. This would be a speedbump for some of our users who may not have great familiarity with R in the first place and might not be comfortable with the devtools::install_github route. My question: is getting the package onto CRAN is a goal or non-goal for the developers?

Thanks for any insight!


Hi Krzysztof,

Great question, this is definitely a goal for the tableschema-r and datapackage-r libraries. We’ll get the process started and I’ll keep you updated here.

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Hi Serah, that’s great to hear, thanks. If you run into issues please do share, I’m familiar with R packaging so I might be able to help out (especially longer term if the project I’m working on can rely on the package).


That would be awesome @sakrejda

@serahrono I suggest we get an issue for this in the relevant main tracker (otherwise things can get lost in the forum).

@sakrejda @serahrono @rufuspollock i will submit the libraries on cran!


Thanks @kleanthisk10!