Is it possible to create private discussion on discuss?


Hi, here at Open Knowledge France, we are considering migrating to discuss, only we would like to know if it’s possible to have private discussions ?

Thanks a lot

cc @samgta @sam_azl @CecileLG


Yes, this is possible. The highlighted envelope is how you initiate a message

Then click on New Message:

Alternatively, click on a user:

And click on Message.

Admins can read private messages.


Thanks @danfowler and as part of a group? I cannot find how to do it.

Thanks for support



When you have a new message window open, you can add as many people to it as you want. You can also start typing the name of Discourse group (e.g. “okau”, “okse”) and the field will be populated with the group members. For Open Knowledge France, we could create an “okfr” group for this purpose.


Yes that would be ideal. Thanks a lot !


Dear @danfowler, this is an official request to create an okfr group within the forum. Once this is done, we will start inviting our members to subscribe and move from the mailing-list to discuss.

Thanks a lot for your support on this