Israel Elections Data 2013 and 2015

Despite claims on the website otherwise Israeli Election data at the locality or polling station level is not available in any usable format

If you don’t speak hebrew you’ll have to use google translate to see the file names at the bottom but what they claim to be is not what they are.

All the column and row names have incomprehensible names such as “àáå øå÷éé÷ (ùáè)”.

I’m reasonably confident the issue isn’t with my computer which has Hebrew installed.

Any help if I’m wrong would be appreciated, otherwise I feel the score for Israel is possibly wrong


Hi there. We have Hebrew speakers here, don’t worry :). @Mor


So, I did download the file and opened it in GoogleSheets. I did try to open it in Numbers beforehand, but numbers doesn’t know how to deal with Hebrew files, only how to create them.