Entry for Election Results / Singapore

This is a discussion about the submission for Election Results / Singapore.

The comment from the reviewer @paolamoz:
"Rejected submission since not all required data is available. Data available (ELD | Presidential Election Results / Presidential Election Results-Data.gov.sg) in Presidential elections 2011, Parliamentary elections 2015 and Parliamentary By-elections 2016 results only represent results for major electoral contests. "

The data available is for all electoral contests held in Singapore’s history, not “only major electoral contests” as stated by the reviewer.

No justification is given for giving Singapore 0% beyond “not all required data is available”.

We would really appreciate it if the reviewers reassess our submission. Thanks for your time!

Dear @Lin_Zhaowei

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue phase we will follow up on your input along with the reviewers and will get back to you in the coming days.

All the best,

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Hi @dannylammerhirt,

Thanks very much for getting back.

I have just checked with the Elections Department, and I have located the published data on Number of Spoilt Votes and Number of Invalid votes, the absence of which on https://data.gov.sg was the reason why we were apparently graded 0%:

  • Data is in PDF format.
  • There are individual PDF files for each Electoral Division (in Singapore, an Electoral Division is roughly the equivalent of a Polling Station in other countries)
  • Data is available for all elections (parliamentary and presidential) from 2001 to present

Spoilt & invalid counts for Parliamentary elections and by-elections: Elections Department Singapore (ELD)

Spoilt & invalid counts for Presidential elections:

The rest of our election data is in machine-readable format on Data.gov.sg, the government data portal:

Hope this is helpful for the review. We’re happy to assist with any further clarification.


Thanks Zhaowei,

This is indeed useful. On this website I found more information about electoral divisions in Singapore. I can see that electoral divisions are split into polling stations, and are fairly large containing between 20,000 and 100,000 electors. So per definition and as I understand, this data is not compliant with our definition (since there is a lower level of aggregation available)

Hi Danny,

Just to clarify, what you see on the Elections website – SMCs and GRCs – are the two types of electoral divisions in Singapore. The numbers on that page refer to them, not polling stations. For example, the electoral division Bukit Batok SMC has 25,727 electors. GRCs are larger divisions that may have over 100,000 electors.

As a further update, the Elections Department has just uploaded data on Number of Spoilt Votes and Number of Invalid Votes in machine-readable format. This means all the required data is now available to the public in machine-readable format. Previously, data on Number of Spoilt Votes and Number of Invalid Votes was available only as PDF.

The URLs are the same as before:


Hi Zhaowei,

Thank you so much for the clarification. I will add this information to our reviewer comments, so that our visitors will easily see that the data is available. For this year, we unfortunately cannot consider this data (but will consult with our partners from the National Democratic Institute) how to measure this data in the future in a more inclusive way.