JSON Table Schema

Hey there,

I’m currently writing my Bachelor Thesis on the topic of “Semantic Analysis of Tabular Data” and came across the JSON Table Schema, specifically its implementation in Python.

Now, what I don’t quite understand is

  1. How does the table.infer() function work exactly? E.g. for time/date or geo data.
  2. Why does it not contain the CSV dialect metadata?
  3. Is it closely related to the Tabular Data Model by the W3C?

Any information on any of those questions would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Re table.infer() read the relevant portion of code.

CSV dialect inference is something definitely to add.

On 3 and relation to W3C tabular model see W3C CSV for the Web - how does it relate to Data Packages? - #2 by rufuspollock