[June 23] Opendata.ch/2020

Join the Opendata.ch/2020 Forum on June 23 for exciting keynotes by Ruth Meier (EDI), Hannes Gassert (Opendata.ch), Nikolai Thelitz (NZZ) and Muriel Staub (Wikimedia) and collaborate with us on this participatory adventure into the future.

With apologies for the rather last minute announcement, I share a couple of links here where you’ll find some of our latest activities - please ping me if you have any questions for the Swiss chapter.

On the Way to the Digital Utopia
This year’s Opendata.ch/2020 Forum – New Data Narratives is all about the future of open data. But when we talk about the digital future, too often the conversation drifts off into very bleak, dystopian scenarios…

Annual Report 2019 + Other News
Next to the annual plan, which we want to publish every year from now on, we have decided to create an annual report in order to present in a concisive form what we have achieved in the past year. We had the report ready since February, but due to the current circumstances, we have almost forgot to share our first version with you.