May I visit to Open Knowledge office in UK?

Hi, I’m hoony from Korea. I’m organizing Code for Seoul now and have worked on and openspending project in Korea last year.

I’m gonna attend to ODI summit and Mozilla Festival next month in London, UK. On this occasion, It’ll be pleasure to me if you let me visit to your office, see how you are working, and have an interview with you(optional).

Can I?


Hello there @thechunsik!
An interesting fact about Open Knowledge International is… that we dont have an office! We have people working remotely from different countries (currently 6 different countries), so you can say that our office is Slack.

We used to have some space in London last year, but it was part of a coworking space. We now have a different co working space, so you are more than welcome to coordinate and visit the part of the team that is there (just coordinate with @Jobarratt).

Alternatively, we can have a London meetup in the weeks you are there. I am sure @rufuspollock would like to join if he is in town.Can you give us more specific dates?


@thechunsik based on your interest in OpenSpending, can I also recommend introducing yourself here? OpenSpending Community - Introductions - #3 by everton137


Thanks @danfowler for your recommendation :slight_smile: I’m really interested in open tech, especially transparency issue. I’ll introduce myself soon as you said.

@Mor Though I’m wondering if there will be a meetup in the weeks or I can join, I appreciate that you gave me some important informations. thanks :smiley: