Open Knowledge network meetup at the OGP summit!


Hello friends,

The OGP summit is just around the corner, and we were thinking of having a drink mixer meetup in Mexico City just after civil society day (Tuesday, 27th of October) at 7.30 pm.

Currently, @CecileLG (OpenSpending), @sandervdwaal, @KatelynRogers, @jwyg and myself will be at there and we would like to see you again!

Is this date work for everybody? Any other suggestions?

In addition, help mySociety (and the rest of the community) who are crowdsourcing the attendee list! Add your name here if you are coming.


Hi there, I newly joined OK Taiwan group. I am going to Mexico on behalf of our team. I love to join the meetups for now. We have a group from Taiwan too so it might be something coming up then. But love to meet with OK folks.


Yeaah! And something else, Open Street Map is organizing an OPEN MAPPING
on the rooftop of this fantastic place, Hotel Downtown, on wednesday. Come and join!