Open Knowledge in Washington, DC



My name is Margaret, and I’ve helped some at the Open Knowledge Ireland chapter. I’m really interested in open data on the international level and would love to get involved as a volunteer in a DC chapter. Can anyone tell me if they know if one exists actively? If not, I’d be willing to help restart one. If I help to restart one, I’d love to engage with some of the local groups in other parts of the US.

I am currently working in Washington, DC as a data analyst, and I have also been helping by co-organizing and co-starting a new meetup group - DC Open Data Hacking (for data science hacking). I’m trying to think about how this and OK International can fit together – I know there is the OK Labs.

Thanks for your help.



I wish I lived closer! I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah. Best wishes from afar! :+1:


i live in dc metro area and would be willing to help you do this. all of this. so happy to see this message!


Thanks Albert. I’ll be in touch with you. Thanks.


awesome. looking forward to it!


This is brilliant. I’m also developing materials for local meetups here in London that you could reuse. Let me know if you want to sync and I can support …


Hi Rufus, thanks for your response. That would be great if we could sync. What is the best way to be in touch? I’m really excited to initiate this in DC and am glad for the support from Albert (above) also.


I see you do work in the digital humanities though! I’m interested in that, as I have studied history and data science. What type of projects are you working on?


@rufuspollock I’m also interested in adapting your local materials for use in my city.