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Hello all, I am an MD-PhD student-researcher currently based in Barcelona, Spain. I have recently been tasked to organize a special edition of the African Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences devoted to the use of open knowledge and open technologies for health and well-being. The present message is to both invite anyone willing to contribute a paper to the issue, and to ask the community if anyone knows about any medical open knowledge base available and, hopefully, under active development.

I am working on a clinical open-source decision support system myself, setting up an international consortium to collectively undertake such a massive task (at the moment contacting a bit less than three thousand medical schools worldwide), and would really benefit from being able to access previous datasets -even old ones such as those created for expert systems such as MYCIN, ONCOCIN, CADACEUS, DIALOG, Internist-I and Quick Medical Reference (QMR).

Although I am aware there have been recent efforts in that direction (citation below), and contacted the authors asking for access, so far no luck. I would really appreciate any help!

All the best,
Enric Garcia Torrents
Doctoral Researcher (MD-PhD trainee)
Medical Anthropology Research Center
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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Müller, Lars, et al. “An open access medical knowledge base for community driven diagnostic decision support system development.” BMC medical informatics and decision making 19.1 (2019): 1-7.

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One question to all regional OKFN coordinators: would you be interested in getting involved in the project described above? Curation of an open medical knowledge base to allow for health such as diagnostic and treatment decision support system applications to be built on top, and/or simply as an open education resource.

I have been in touch with several medical schools worldwide, so a little bit over ten institutions have already shown interest in taking part. Also, an African scientific peer-reviewed journal has proposed to issue an open-access special number on open knowledge and technologies and their applications to the health and well-being of people (especially in resource-scarce scenarios, but not only).

I am looking for a couple of co-lead-editors, and issue soon a call for papers.

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Hi @EnricGTorrents I don’t see any accessible content at or OSF | Enric Garcia Torrents so cannot give my opinion on it. :frowning:

This is a pretty big topic in our chapter, I’d be delighted to see us connect medical ontologies or initiatives to track generic medicines or core health indicators.