Open Science/Open Knowledge Directory

See conversation on Trello regarding developing as an Open Knowledge Directory:

There is an excellent explanation of the current new implementation here:

If you’re interested in helping to add functionality to the system and make it even better for finding others interested in open science and Open Knowledge more broadly then make yourself known here or or on Trello and look out for news of a hangout for potential developers coming soon!


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If you would be interested in contributing, Alex Corbi has set up a doodle poll for a call about further development of the platform:

Great work Jenny and all.

One comment re the activity. I think it may be really good to get our user stories finalized - further analysis plus prioritization. Perhaps we could split out into a gdoc from trello and then comment / analyse there.

Done, here is a googledoc for commenting in a neater way than on a pad/Trello:

I will move the Trello conversation here, otherwise this will be too confusing - two tools for documenting this process are enough.

I think Open Steps can already solve many of the current user stories in this doc.


Added US8 and US9 in the gdoc. Please, add them to the trello board if appropiate.

Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback on the doodle poll. According to
your entries, i have scheduled a Hangout for the upcoming Wednesday the
12th, at 3pm London time (GMT). Please join and forward it: Looking forward to discussing about this project with you.

UPDATE: 19.11.2014
Log of today’s hangout added to document Open Knowledge Directory - Google Docs.
Thanks for participating, we will schedule a new Hangout for next week in order to continue discussion.

Hi Alex, thanks for this and really sorry to miss the hangout last week. This was brought up at the OKFN network team call on Monday and everyone was really excited and pleased at the progress of discussions so far.

Is there another call next week? I’ll make sure I can attend that one!

Hi Jenny,

Just created a Hangout for next Wednesday:

Hope you can make it this time

I can! In the diary, looking forward to it. I’ll also tweet the date and
send out on the open-science mailing list.


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please find the log for today’s hangout on PLP

Hi Alex

I can’t make the hangout today due to another meeting but I did have a question about PLP profiles. Do you think there is any way with some custom theme modification to integrate markup into WordPress profile pages?

i.e. Open Knowledge Foundation blog – A fair, free and open future

There are 900 plus profiles already on the Open Knowledge blog farm, just wondering if we could make it possible for people to easily import these to a directory?

As you’ve probably gathered, any solutions which build on the infrastructure we already have are much easier. From some light investigation with very little understanding it seems like it’s a possibility, but your thoughts would be much appreciated:

Thanks and I’ll check out the log of the meeting, apologies again for being unavailable this week.


Hi Jenny,

No worries. Thanks for raising the question, i will discuss it with those attending today and write down feedback on the log.

EDIT: Log for today’s session here

Happy New Year! What are your plans for the directory and PLP for 2015? We should start working out moving forward and trying to get more Open Knowledge folks involved to find out how they envisage this working.

If we can get PLP info from WordPress profiles that would be a massive bonus (I suspect for other sites as well, there are a lot of Open Knowledge communities using WP).

Looking forward to the next G Hangout! I’m not available this Wednesday but should be the next few weeks.

Hi @jcmolloy, I plan to stay in Berlin for most of January and work on PLP during OK Labs here + some extra if I manage. To explore further OK / CfA overlap planning to focus on Projects (ex. ht tp:// ) , Events (ex. ht tp:// ) and which projects people work on during which events, similar to
I think good time to catch up with James Baster (Open Tech Calendar), how about call next Wednesday (Jan 14th)

Hi There,
Migrating Buddypress profiles to PLP is on the action list. @almereyda any updates on the progress?.
I have setup a new PLP Sessions hangout (and invited you) for next wednesday. Hope we all can make it:

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@jcmolloy could someone managing OK WordPress setup join this call? hopefully we could work on it together :smile:

What is the status of this project?

@belkinsa Here a little update:

Ah, thank you for the update but I thought we are using the other site for it.