Member introduction


I am Anagho Emmanuel I am interested in all aspects of Information Management, Data Management, and lately, I have become very involved in information and communication technology’s and open data events in Cameroon. Like the largest open data day event which had a participation of 5000 people in Cameroon.
I have nearly 8 years’ experience working directly with a lot of large, real datasets, so I am very familiar with the challenges that data cleansing, maintenance and creation present.
I am also very interested in Open Data and the idea of creating reliable, high quality data that we can all share, re-use and benefit from.
I work for i.vission international, where I currently am involved in the full building of project concerning open data and ICTs
It’s nice to be here, I look forward to the discourse, and if I can help in any way - please let me know.
All the very best