Merit-based Society and the way forward

Greetings to all. I hope this is a good spot to introduce a concept that I am sure is not overly radical or new, but desperately needed in this time in order for our species - humanity - to truly move forward and reach for what we have dreamed of for so long now: interstellar exploration. Before we can realistically propel our species outward into the cosmos, we really need to resolve some of the society malfunctions we tolerate in present society. The reason for this is simple when you think about it: undertaking exploration of interstellar space will be a task that is full of challenges, dangers, risks, and more things than we can possibly imagine - in order to efficiently take on that task we need to redress the manner in which we think of ourselves, society, this world, this solar system. We need to truly broaden and attune our perspectives on an individual, as well as societal, basis. That responsibility will not be welcomed by many people, and that is their choice. But to truly move forward from this present level of society that we are at we need to truly rethink many things.
Over the course of history that we are allowed to know, because I guarantee you we have had a lot more of it taken from us than most people want to comprehend, there have been numerous instances in which one or more of us has reach epiphany and comprehended much more of the workings of the world than is the norm. Not to say that anyone can not reach this point individually, we all truly can if we wish to, but history shows us that it is an instance of having that conscious intent and perspective coupled with the right tools at the time to initiate change. Sadly, more often than not, the changes wrought by these individuals became tarnished or distorted by our propensity to lust for power and control. Ego destroys us. But from some of those things, we managed to adapt and have come to our present day world-social-norm. It is not pretty, by any stretch of the imagination, but it can and should be fixed. We have a few social maladies however, that stand directly in the path of the way forward.

Money is at the top of that list. Money was intended to be a system of transportable trade. It was meant to make it simple for a farmer or rancher or crafts-person to take a representative token of their particular trade/wealth/goods to market to barter. It was never meant to BE the object of wealth itself. We have allowed this concept to rule us, enslave us, diminish us, and destroy us for thousands of years. It needs to stop. It is an addiction the likes of which we have not ever faced curing, but it needs to be put down or it will forever shackle us and lessen us. Anyone whom tells you otherwise is simply delusional, I am sorry. In metaphorical terms, we essentially took a game of Monopoly WAY too seriously and have all been playing along since. I think it is high time we, as people, step away from that particular table.

Religion as a means of social control and divisiveness must stop. I respect ALL faiths at the individual level, because true freedom and respect of what it is to be human must allow for that. But at any stage above the individual it becomes, inexorably, divisive and brutal. I do not care what books your read or what delusions anyone wants to believe, the historical proof is there - genocide fueled by “righteous” belief is rampant throughout history and it is sickening. It is not pure, it is not good, it is barbaric and perverse. Nothing should empower ANY human with the mandate to take a life, save in the protection of another life. Any belief that tells you to ostracize, shun, harm, dismiss, or denigrate is one that is meant only to diminish human beings. Period. It prays upon your emotions and psychology, it indoctrinates us as youth, it is a true meme - a mind virus - and it spreads itself as one. It takes the best of people and turns them into butchers, sadists, and worse. We do not need this to hold us back any longer. The Universe is out there and it is far more than we can truly comprehend. We are ALL given the gift that is LIFE and we ALL should respect that GIFT. It should not be a thing to monetize or shape like clay. We are people, from the moment we draw breath, and we should respect one another as that, barring nothing. We are all born as a potential.

If we can, cordially and respectfully, move away from those two things we open a doorway for our species to take on a completely different perspective. WE, all of us, are inheritors of a very beautiful planet that we call home. We know far, far less about this planet than we really should given the amount of time we have been here. This is mostly due to the fact that only a small percentage of this planet has environmental habitat that is truly conducive to our species. We are extraordinarily adaptable in many ways, but we have some serious limitations. Our bodies tolerate a fairly narrow range of temperature and pressure variations, we require respiration of oxygen along with ingestion of protein to fuel and build our bodies, and we are actually fairly fragile in the scheme of things. We specialized in adaptation, reproduction, and rumination and that is why we are here today. All of us - every single human being - have varying degrees of ability: strengths, talents, skills, the potential to gain, improve, or even initiate new ones. We all have the capacity to love, to focus, to learn, to create - and I posit that we truly feel at peace most when we create. Whether it be making dinner or building a bridge or making a campfire - that is when we shine the most. Application of our knowledge and skills in the real world garnering real results. We want to be SEEN and ACKNOWLEDGED for that which we do. And that is why I propose the idea of a merit-based society.

I will continue this at a later point. Thank you for your time and I absolutely welcome your constructive feedback and thoughts.

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I would like to have seen some Merritt ideas.

My apologies, my intention at the time of beginning this thread was to slowly build a posit for a merit-based society over time. Sadly, I have since become distracted from my writing/rumination of this. However, I am again spending some of my free time trying to put some of the basic premises together in a concise but approachable way and I hope I will be able to provide some further thoughts soon.

It may interest you to know that the basis of this post came from rather involved conversation I had with several people over time. Basically, the premise is: “Given the present state of society and technology what is the optimal “way forward” that you can think of that would resolve a majority of social and economic problems while still maintaining adherence to the fundamental right of individual freedom.” In most cases people that I have spoken to have come up with what is, ultimately, a form of community focused socialism as the primary part of their solution. But when pressed a bit further some of the easier arguments against socialism can be mitigated when society is restructured not just with a sense of social responsibility but with a sense of merit/value derived from it’s people. A society that is comprised of individuals whom find succor and solace in creating, learning, and exploring would thrive if also imbued with a sense of accountability and responsibility to self, species, and planet. If we could re-embrace trade skills and craft, become a society of creators instead of consumers, many many things would likely be changed for the better.

My intent is to posit a theoretical but possible approach(es) to create that society out of our present one.

I would also like to have seen some Merritt ideas.