Migration of Open Science Hardware Forum

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask for help in setting up a nice home for the Open Science Hardware community around here. The group formed from the Gathering for Open Science Hardware that happened early this year. The community is expected to grow and benefit from migration to a friendlier environment. Next meeting will take place in Santiago, Chile.

I am wondering if a top level category could be created for us. Perhaps @Mor @jcmolloy @danfowler can join this conversation.



Hi @rpez is there a reason this couldn’t live under the Working Groups category? Working Groups - Open Knowledge Forums

Hi Dan,

Perhaps we can live there, but I was wondering if we could have the same visibility as the Open Spending category.

  I also would like to understand a little bit more about Discourse.
  I am replying you here using my e-mail client :-). This is important
  to us as some people are used to mailing lists rather than forum.
  Discourse integration of both is neat.

I also heard that we can create wiki posts that others can edit, however I could not find such an option here.




You can make wiki posts by ticking the wrench icon and then marking the Make wiki option.

Re visability- I don’t mind giving you a mother category, the question is - what for? Is this to recruit more people to join the forum or for forum members to keep track with it?