Moving to Fiscal Data Package 0.3.0


After hovering at alpha for a few months, we’re looking to move the Fiscal Data Package specification to version 0.3.0 by 31 January 2016.

What does this mean?

We would like to request interested parties read the current spec and raise any comments they have on the issue tracker. We are looking to solve the most pressing issues for a 0.3.0 release. Please note, that even after the deadline, the specification will still be evolving. As such, comments that don’t make the 0.3.0 release could possibly be included in a future release.

In parallel with this, we are seeking to define and refine a process for reviewing and accepting contributions. Please see the following PR for details:


It’s first time I hear about Fiscal Data Package, nice work, I will dive into the spec in the following weeks.

Are there any other specs like that being developed? Main doesn’t even list the Fiscal one…


Thanks! Please dive in and report any issues!

Can you clarify what you mean about other specs like it? You can consider all the specs on under active development. You can report issues on their own issue tracker: