New Frictionless Data Case Study Published: Tesera

We’re curious to learn about some of the common issues users face when working with data. In our Case Study series, we are highlighting projects and organisations who are working with the Frictionless Data specifications and tooling in interesting and innovative ways.

We recently spoke to Spencer Cox about his company, Tesera.

What is Tesera?

We are an employee-owned company, founded in 1997. Our focus is helping our clients create data-driven applications in the cloud. We also maintain two core product lines in addition to our consulting practice. helps municipalities identify risk of basement flooding, while (High Resolution Inventory Services) enables forest and natural resource companies to access a new level of accuracy and precision in resource inventories and carbon measurement.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the effort put into this.

Just a quick reply to say if anyone has questions I am happy to help.



Hi Spence.
The article refers to "We have written some simple open-source AWS Lambda functions "
But the reference link is just to the general AWS Lambda page
Do you have a git repository or something where I could take a look at those functions?


Hi @bigears Thanks for reading! Tesera’s git repository is Tesera Systems Inc. · GitHub

You can find their lambda functions there.