New Chair Nomination


Hello All,

I will be stepping down as Chair in the new year after having had the privilege of serving for two years.

I would like to nominate Luis Villa to take my place as Chair.

Luis, please let us know if you’d be willing to be the next Chair of the Open Definition Advisory Council.


Notifying broader OK and license expert communities about potential license approvals

Big +1 on the nomination of Luis for this role.

I also want to take this moment to acknowledge publicly your contribution Herb over the last 2 years. Thanks in large part to your - and @mlinksva efforts both as the previous chair and since - the Definition has seen major improvements and enhancements, a new website, much improved process and more. Overall the Definition has gone from strength to strength.

Thank you so much for your dedication and efforts here and look forward to your continuing input!


Thanks, @herb_lainchbury!

We had first discussed this about two years ago, and I then took a new role at the Wikimedia Foundation and my time for OKFN markedly declined. I expect I’ll have more time in the near future, so I’m eager to see if I can re-engage at this level.

Before that happens, though, I think it’d be great for us to sit down and review what we expect from a chair these days. The obvious things include:

  • scheduling meetings
  • serving as final editor for any revisions to the OKD
  • sheperding approval/rejection process of licenses

Are there other things I’m missing?


That’s essentially correct @Luis.

What I have mainly focused on in this role is:

  • send out meeting notices (there is already a set schedule)
  • ensure past notes are captured and published on the blog
  • encourage participation and ensure everyone is acknowledged in discussions
  • maintain the integrity of the processes as they are being used
  • help to encourage steady progress
  • help to improve the processes

The processes being:

Thanks @rufuspollock. It’s been my pleasure. I will continue to be involved.