OK Australia Social Media Policy - more needed?

Open Knowledge Australia has a social media policy. It covers important topics like:

  • Following our Code of Conduct (be awesome)
  • Complying with our Anti-harassment policy (play nice or go home)
  • Reuse and attribution of social media
  • Not distracting participants during events

But it doesn’t provide guidance on when to create new social media accounts. For example:

Do we need to formalise:

  • when to create or reuse social media accounts?
  • how the accounts are managed e.g. who has a record of user-ids and passwords?
  • and how does all this fit into an over-arching communication strategy?
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your comments. In an attempt to make sure that we make the best use of the accounts that we have, we have always taken a liberal approach to who has access and can use them (especially the Twitter). Access details are in the ambassador pack and, in order that the Twitter reflects the wide range of activities that OKAu undertakes around the country, my view is that all local organisers should be free to use the account.
Personally, I’m against single-use Twitter accounts for events as I think that they’re less effective. Others are, of course, welcome to differ - most GovHack sites have dedicated accounts, for instance.
As for an “over-arching communication strategy”, I think our goal should be to share as much of what we do as openly as we can with our community. That includes making the most of the channels which are already well-established. Personally, I be loath to see these sorts of procedural matters making their way into the Code of Conduct and I’m also hesitant to create too many rules, as I feel they can have a chilling effect. If you feel that some guidelines would be useful, feel free to put up a draft to the community.


Liberal is good and allowing various people to use the account is also good. But taking over the profile pic and name even temporarily without any kind of process or discussion isn’t likely to be helpful as we have lots of initiatives.

I think badging the account profile pic is better, and can better inform those who follow the account that there is an OK Australia event on right now. We can also use the description to highlight events without taking over the account name.

I’ve reverted the name to the more correct Open Knowledge AU and updated the description. Just making a HealthHack badge now and will update the profile pic shortly. Should look good and meet everyone’s needs :slight_smile:

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Hi Fiona, and welcome to the Forum.

I will draft some guidelines but as a starter,

  • all Open Knowledge Australia communications should follow the Open Knowledge Branding Guidelines and use the official logos available on GitHub - okfn/ok-media: "some" of our media assets.
  • all Open Knowledge Australia content should be openly licensed.
  • all other content should be appropriately licensed and publishers must ensure they have permission to publish from the copyright holder and abide by the terms of any applicable licence.

For those following the thread from other countries the way we compromised on this was to badge as per the example here:

So - although Health Hack has a specific logo it works well to stay on brand for OK Australia and promote the hashtag. We shared the PNG file so others could badge their own profile pics but we are playing catch up on these ideas so we wouldn’t expect too many people to do so. As an example, my profille pic is updated as per:

I was in a bit of a rush so the crappy resolution on the profile pic was just me working on what I had available via my iPhone at the time :smile:

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I like the badging idea. Perhaps we can create a set of them for our regular events:

  • Promoting the Twitter tag e.g. #HealthHack, #GovHack
  • with variants by location #HealthHackBne #GovHackCbr
  • and incorporating the event logos…

… and all in a tiny ~50 x 400 pixels :smiley:

Nice work @Starl3n

I think logos is a stretch… doing hashtags when things are ‘on’ or at least imminent adds value to both those advertising the event and those following the feed. Adding OKAU iconography for badges applied to personal profile pics might be good though - it helps to bring people back to OK Australia as the hub of such coolness as it is happening.

So long as we then also do something of a website takeover/feature for our main website http://au.okfn.org to direct people to those things which are ‘on’.

It could be a census, a hack, a call for submissions, other events… but, I don’t think we’d need to do it for regular local group meetups as a general rule.

Oh - and we could create an app for this…

With more time we could have allowed people to authorise via twitter to allow a hyperlink to update their profile pic with a specific badged profile pic. It could also be done for facebook - not as sure about LinkedIn or Google+

Such an app could be made for OK Internationally to help people promote more of the global initiatives during times when they are ‘hot’.

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kinda like this… About Us | Twibbon

Although done as open source and as a service for OK worldwide.

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Now that is totally awesome. I can see the Global Census jumping in, CKAN and other conferences, …

How do we make it happen?

the code is pretty easy… it is just about doing the user stories and coordinating the work - getting people to opt in and write the code, etc. And then hosting it somewhere where the images can be rasterised and sent back to the social platforms for the updates.

I can get some of my staff to take a quick look at this in more detail next week…

We don’t need to stress about generating social metrics for such campaigns methinks. Just do the actual badging stuff.

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Have put it in the wild to see what comes back. I suspect someone has already done this as it should be pretty easy:

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This might be something to fork and look at… About | IMS Open Badges