Community Wiki - who use it and for what?

Hello all!

@mattias latest thread and Wikipedia’s birthday inspired me to write the following post (thank you Mattias!) :smile:

Who us the following main Open Knowledge wiki - and for what?

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Great idea! Good and needed topic @Mor , I think it is a very useful open intranet for community and network. I think it just needs some more attention and introduction for Open Knowledge local groups and working groups.

Connected to other thread I feel it is very useful (and what I use it for) is for the network to find links or content of;

  • local branding material and resources
  • presentation templates,
  • writing resources (such as which is awesome for e-publications - would like to see it updated though)
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Just a question - If I’ll add local branding material and resources
and presentation templates to the OK main website, would that be sufficient?

Please note: lots of branding goodies are at GitHub - okfn/ok-media: "some" of our media assets

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You don’t have to do that, especially since it’s not yet been decided if wiki is to be used or not - as far as I know. See my separate reply regarding how branding resources could be communicated clearer.

Thanks @Stephen for pointing this out, I had no idea about this repository. I remember having issues in 2014 to get ahold of new branding stuff through Google Docs since I didn’t have Google Account.

  • Another idea as for he function of the wiki is based on the proverb “Don’t put all the eggs in the same basket.”. An example is that GitHub has been through cyberattacks and it would be a hassle if people could not reach branding resources because of any kind of issue at GitHub. Hence the OK wiki could serve a function as a “backups” storage that OK has self-hosted control of.

  • I also see the need for putting up instructions for the community’s local groups. Like right now I try to activate Google Analytics but I cannot find anything on how to make it work for I would very much like to run Piwik Analytics instead but have lost touch with sysadmin at OK Central who was going to follow up on it last summer.

Has the WIKI link been changed or closed?

Hi Glenn,

We have closed the Wikis. Were you looking for specific content? Maybe I can help.