Online Course: Open Data Governance and Use


Are you an administrator, policy advisor, developer, government official or professional in an agency that is interested in opening, governing and using open data? If you want to obtain professional knowledge and experience in the area of open data provision and use, then this course will teach you the potential of open data, as well as the challenges that need to be faced.

More importantly, we delve into the tools and methods required to design open data policies and to use open data tools (e.g. tools for data visualisation and analysis). The lectures, assignments and discussions are focused on how the insights from this course can be applied in practice, for instance, to your own job.

This course provides professional insights from scientific research conducted all over the world by experts in the fields of open data governance and use.

Because data is derived from a wide variety of sources, it is hard to manage and use. This course addresses the foundations and objectives of Open Data Governance and examines open data policies, open data infrastructures, data sharing and opening, data use, open data use cases in Europe, America and developing countries, and best practices and recommendations for Open Data Governance based on practical cases.

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