Open Data Assessments


Just wondering what assessments open data friends and colleagues undertake during open data publication processes?

For example, do you undertake business impact assessments, risk assessments or economic/commercial impact assessments.


Are you trying to make sure your open data is published safely (e.g. a Privacy check) or are you trying to prioritise the release of open data based on some potential impact assessment?

Impact assessment is tricky e.g. how do you compare economic, social and environment impacts?

Do you need to consider the likelihood of implementing to project in addition to the potential impact?

My organisation does not do impact assessments, so I’m keen to hear what others do.


Thanks for your reply Stephen!

I currently work with data owners and custodians to help publish government data.

Inevitably, though custodians may be keen to contribute to Open Data, they are concerned about resource/effort required to cleanse data into a publishable state, and ultimately want to know if it is worth the effort.

Risk assessments, privacy assessments, cost benefit analysis type tools would help standardise the measurement of effort required for publishing.

I know this features in the Open data Maturity Assessment.