Open Government Data Presentation (need urgent help!)


Hello everyone,

I want to make a presentation on open Government data for a government official. If we can persuade him, We can hope that good progress will be made in OGD in Iran.
so, if you know any content that can help us to make a better presentation, please share it. More specifically, we want to point out that:

  1. why open data is important? and
  2. what has been the effects and impacts of OD in the world?, (Especially economic effects based on statistics)
I know a lot of content has been published in this field, but we should provide the best ones at this opportunity.

Thank you all.


Hi, @mhkhani!

I have some presentations in my Slideshare that try to answer some of these questions. However, most of them are in Portuguese language. I have a couple of them in English, but they’re outdated - one is for an IODC16 panel on the open data ecosystem and the other is a CKAN minicourse, which is not what you want at this time. But they’re all Creative Commons BY-SA licensed, so feel free to translate and reuse as much as you like.

If you seek to demonstrate the economic impact and potential, consider citing these studies:

About the benefits of open data, I suggest you use the figures that were presented by the European Data Portal, considering the context of the European economy, as a sign of potential results in the same direction in Iran.



maybe you will find it useful: we did it thinking about public officials in Central and Eastern Europe, putting it in a simple language and with clear arguments for opening the data.

good luck!