Open Data Index Logo?


I love this Open Knowledge Video that shows the new OK logo and its many variants. Is one of those variants for the Open Data Index and if so, where can I find it and is there guidance on its use?

It would be nice to have a page similar to the Open Transport Working Group Branding page for each working group and project.

Alternatively a collection of logos could be held at

Make new logo available as SVG on

OK here’s my guess from the logos I’ve seen. I think this one best represents the Open Data Index.

What do you think? Is there a better/official one?


As the video mentions, the Open Knowledge logo is based on the results from the first Index, so the project is in the brand. :slight_smile:
@sam, any suggestions here?


I believe (there was some inconsistency) the logo suggested by the agency who carried out the branding, is something quite similar to the logo currently present on (with no additional icon). So, as @Mor suggests, the project is the brand. The logo you are looking at there @Stephen is the Open Economics one.


Thank you @mor and @sam for your replies. It would be great to see this sort of guidance for all the logo variants on


Great suggestion @Stephen! @nealbastek and I will look at it as part of another project we are doing.


I just found this document about the Open Knowledge / Open Data Index logo. I repeat it here…

This is the (new) Open Knowledge Logo

Our new symbol is based on the data contained in one of our key projects – The Open Data Index. The 70 ‘spokes’ represent the 70 countries in the survey. The countries are spun alphabetically (see diagram below) and the colour bars show how open (green) or closed (red) they are, echoing the colour scheme of the source website.

The symbol is designed to work on several levels: it’s derived from data; it’s an ‘O’ so acts as shorthand for ‘open’; it’s a symbol of the earth that echoes our global footprint. We call it our ‘data earth’.