I travel a lot and spend a lot of time on my phone. I have saved many links to Open Knowledge sites on my iPhone home screen. Some, like the Open Data Handbook, look really good as the have an Apple Touch Icon. Other’s not so good…

I’d like to create an icon for What should it look like?

  • The Open Knowledge logo?
  • A working group icon? - Open Knowledge Labs or Open Government Data
  • A map?

  • something else?

What icon would you choose for


@Stephen Nice idea. I think we need a new logo that is distinct from the existing logos including those for the Open Knowledge itself and any working groups. And, the map may not fit to the size of the icon. So my vote goes to something else, even though I have no idea. Maybe a symbol for catalogs, like a list?


Something else?

  • a spanner (the existing symbol which I don’t understand)
  • a globe
  • a catalog draw(with A…Z, a plus sign, or one or more arrows entering)
  • squares within a square (i.e. a collection / container)
  • arrows converging to a single point
  • a Pokeball (gotta collect them all) :rage:



I think unless we can change the existing symbol (which I don’t understand either) to something different, it would be better to stick with the spanner, since it’s widely used in However, if we are trying to replace the current symbol to another, a catalog draw with files may be one candidate.

I’d like to listen to an expert’s opinion about this issue. Maybe @sam’s? :wink:


The Open Data Handbook is the only one of those sites I’ve had significant involvement in, just saying :wink: (I’m glad the attention to detail is appreciated)

In terms of icon ideas, I’d need more time and info to address this properly, but if the map is a significant element of the site, perhaps you could create a custom pin to use on the map and to also become an iconic representation of the site itself.


Love the idea @sam.
@mattfullerton can we do a custom pin?

From this…

…to any of these?


Should be possible but could you paste the request over to GitHub?



I plan to use this icon and map pin to test out the concept in a local copy of

I’d also like to experiment with an alternate base map…

instead of this…

Feedback welcome :smile:


@Stephen Nice work. But I personally prefer the icon of a pin with a red dot. :slight_smile:


James, just for you :wink: