Open Justice (Justicia Abierta) category

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I’d suggest to include the category "Open Justice (Justicia Abierta)” as a new concept that It would mean the openness in the judiciary power (transparency, participation and collaboration in the justice system). Thus It is a broader concept that the Open Justice known in the Common Law, and it would be an analogy and application of the Open Government principles in the Judiciary and the context of the Justice system.

About it, I’m sending you here a couple of links: a) new book that will be published at the end of 2015 and b) a research in this field that I published this year, where you can read a brief description.

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Carlos E. Jiménez

This sounds really interesting. Also this connects and complements the Open Legislation working group.


  • What would you plan to work on
  • What would you plan to achieve in your first 1-2y
  • Who else would join in you in the working group?
    • If you have a good initial list of co-members of the WG and also any names for an Advisory Council that is very beneficial

Dear Rufus,
I’m so sorry for the delay, and thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, nowadays I have no time to manage this as a new project. The first step would be to get interest from people and identify who is interested in this field.
The title of this topic should be replaced by “Open Judiciary (Justicia Abierta)”. The idea is very new, and in order to not mix it with the Open Justice principle in Common Law (this new view and concept is broader), finally it has been traslated to English as Open Judiciary, because it is more closer of this concept, as a broad openness in the whole justice field of States.
In the next link you can read and download the summary of the session that we did about this topic at the Open Government Partnership Summit 2015 “Providing Access to Justice for All through Open Judiciary: Comparative Experiences from the U.S., Latin America, and China”.
Thank you so much for your patience!
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