Open Knowledge Meetup in Paris on 10th December

  • **What:**Informal, fun evening to meet up, connect, hear updates and and discuss open data, open content and open knowledge. With COP21 taking place this week we’ll also have a special focus on open data related to the climate.
  • When: Thursday 10th December, 6:30pm to 9:30pm (talks start at 7pm)
  • Where: NUMA, 39 Rue du Caire, 75002 Paris, -
  • Who: All welcome!
  • Cost: Free
  • Registration: just come along - we’re sure to be able to fit you in!
    • But if you want to leave your name below its great to have a sense of who’s coming.

Outline of the Evening

  • Drinks
  • Welcome and Introduction by Rufus Pollock, Open Knowledge Founder and President
  • Short talks
  • Drinks and discussion
  • End

Big thank-you to NUMA for generously hosting us!

Short Talks

  • Tommaso Venturini (Kings College Digital Humanities and Sciences Po médialab) talking about the Climate Negotiations and the COP21 agreement
  • Benjamin Jean (Inno3) about OpenLaw
  • Sam Goeta (tbc) update on Open Knowledge France activities
  • Laure Lucchesi (ETALab)
  • Rufus Pollock (Open Knowledge) on Data Packages and Frictionless Data
  • Gaël Musquet (Lafonderie IDF) talking about data & cars
  • Thomas Roca (Agence Francaise de Development)
  • TBC - recent legal developments

Want to give a short talk (2-3m)? Please leave a comment below and we’ll try to fit you in


If you want to know a bit more about Open Knowledge and what we are interested in see these recent videos.

Short 2m Interview

You can also watch the longer Putting Openness at the Heart of the Digital Age


Cc’ing / inviting: @angienavarromx (and your colleague - does he have a profile yet?), @pzwsk @CecileLG @sylvia_fredriksson @samgta @RouxRC @b_ooghe


Great @rufuspollock, I’ll stay in Paris then to join the meetup!
Just started communication on Twitter but we should make a quick blog post as well (help anyone?)

Organisation meetup 10 déc

Great news ! I will try to be there @rufuspollock !


Thank you for the invitation @rufuspollock ! I told Lancelot about it :slight_smile:
I am in Belgium right now, but I will do my best to go !


From ScienceMatters ( the publishers of Matters, the next generation science journal, open access, open data and open science platform… we will try to be there.
Would love to meet all of you and see how we can contribute to Open knowledge!
Best wishes
Lawrence Rajendran


@pzwsk can you update here re the video link plans for you and others who won’t be in Paris :wink:

@samgta could you add info to description re OK France birthday aspect - and also do we need to get a cake or anything similar?

@sylvia_fredriksson would you like to say anything about recent activites with Ecole des Donnees? Will you be there thursday?


Hi Rufus, checked with @samgta who will see with NUMA for streaming, they are equipped for that
I just announced on Twitter


@rufuspollock I’ll take care of the cake and the livestream :wink:


@samgta + @pzwsk what about having people dial in though - e.g. @pzwsk you wanted to say hi at the start or maybe contribute - that might be a reason to have a hangout (though no need for this to be on air like last time if we have the livestream)