Open Knowledge meet up in Amsterdam - 14 or 15 of November!


Hey folks! I’m going to the Hague this week to talk about Open Knowledge Brazil work next Friday at the Open Development Camp. Jonathan Gray will join also a panel on “Breaking through silos - The struggle of collaboration between Civic Tech communities, NGOs and donors in Transparency and Accountability
work.” I’ll give also a lightning talk on the Gastos Abertos project (to be released soon!).

Kersti told me that there are several Open Knowledge people there, Jonathan, Pierre, Sander, Tarek, Joris and her (did I leave someone out?).

What about a meet up next Saturday or Sunday? Any suggestion of a cool spot for that? It’d could be a follow up on our context on the topics I and Jonathan will be discussing during the event!

Cheers and looking forward to see you all!

P. S. I’m going to Berlin just for 2 days, November 17 and 18. If anyone around is reading here as well, let me know!


Hey Tom!

Hope you are well ! Exciting that you’ll be in Amsterdam, I am actually there from the 16th so if we do it during the week i’d love to join!

Hope to see you,


So much to do in such a short time period!

That weekend it’s the European Data Forum with Odine AND OpenCON with R2R and SPARC.
I’ll be at OpenCon in Brussels the whole weekend, so I’ll probably not make it to Amsterdam. I will try to see if I could attend Open Development Camp myself, but not sure if my agenda will allow it.


@KatelynRogers I didn’t know you’ll also be there! How awesome! I’ll leave to Berlin on the 16th on a night bus, so we could have a coffee as well.

Let’s see the best day for the others!


Hey guys,

So as things stand also Jonathan, Sander and I can make it Monday early afternoon so it will be great to gather!
Suggestion: 3PM at Kapitein Zeppos
Does that sounds good?


For me that’s fine! Thanks for the suggestion, @KerstiRu!


Hi all, I have a couple of meetings scheduled for the afternoon so will no be able to be there much before 5:30pm. Hope that’ll still work for people - looking forward to seeing you!