Open Knowledge Network or Open Knowledge Foundation Network?


According to the wiki, the name has changed to ‘Open Knowledge,’ dropping ‘foundation.’

However, I’ve seen the name ‘Open Knowledge Foundation Network’ on Facebook with the new identity and logo of Open Knowledge. Is this right or do we need to change the name of the Facebook page to ‘Open Knowledge Network’?

I guess that now ‘Open Knowledge Network’ should be used instead of ‘Open Knowledge Foundation Network (OKFN).’ Does this sound right?

BTW I could not find the appropriate category for this topic. If anyone find a right category, then feel free to move this topic or let me know.


The Meta category seems right.

As we’ve talked a lot about logos and names, perhaps we need a branding / identity sub-category.

Thoughts? Perhaps we’re doubling up on the OK Branding GitHub idea?


I think that there should be one clear source where everyone can find stuff about branding and identity, and a repo on GitHub would be a great candidate in this regards, especially when we need to continuously gather new local, chapter, and working group logos in one place. In addition to this, GitHub also provides an issue tracking feature so we can discuss issues regarding the branding and identity without leaving the repo.

In my opinion, too much categories create confusion when people use the forum. I guess when we have a place we can put our logos and guidelines (such as a repo on GitHub), then we can raise issues there and we can consider stuff in the repo as official.


I’ve changed Open Knowledge Brasil page on facebook, but it required some bureaucracy! (sending documents and all that)

Maybe for this reason it wasn’t changed.


Yes, it does. Althought it’s possible to consider to call the page as ‘Open Knowledge Internacional’.

On a first thought, I’d vote for Open Knowledge Network.