Unveiling the new okfn.org website, blog and logo

Hi everyone,

Today the Open Knowledge Foundation has launched its revamped website, updated blog and new logo.

You can read a blogpost from our CEO Catherine Stihler on the revamped blog explaining the changes that we have made and asking for feedback: https://blog.okfn.org/2020/02/11/unveiling-the-new-okfn-org-website-blog-and-logo/

Hope you like the new look!

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Good job! Any insights in the further alignment with the chapters, established groups and activities like opendefinition.org? Is this a strictly okfn.org rebranding or will the rest follow?

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@PJPauwels Hi Pieter-Jan. This rebranding was planned to be strictly for okfn.org and our central Open Knowledge Foundation platforms (like the blog and forum).

All of the logos are available as normal to download/use from the OKF press resources page and I’ve updated the versions stored on Github which means that OKF logos used on sites like https://frictionlessdata.io and http://goodtables.io updated automatically.

We will be discussing this and clarifying with members of the OK Network on our upcoming Network call scheduled to take place on Monday 24th February after having updated Network members that these changes were coming on past calls.

Apologies for posting a support issue here. I can login to the forum obviously because I can submit this post. But for the URL above I cannot login to the blog site, nor make a forgotten password request, nor create a new account using my one and only email address. So the authentication process over there looks pretty broken?

@robbiemorrison Sorry to hear this, but I’m confused. I assume you’re referring to the Disqus-powered comment functionality at the bottom of the post when you say you want to login to the blog site. I just successfully created a new login, requested a verification email, received the email, authenticated and posted a comment without any issue.

Are you unable to log into Disqus to post a comment using an existing username/ID? The Disqus functionality has not been changed with the blog redesign so this could be a bug on their side?

I’m stephen.abbottpugh@okfn.org on email if you want to send me more details.

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@stephenabbottpugh Thanks. Just about to send an email. R.

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The new logo is neat.

I like the line:

Our mission is to create a more open world – a world where all non-personal information is open, free for everyone to use, build on and share; and creators and innovators are fairly recognised and rewarded.

Thanks for keeping the lights on.