Statistical info about Open Knowledge


According to we have 9 Chapters, 49 Local groups and 19 International Working Groups.

According to we have 11 chapters.

Why not, as open data, publish which countries are running which working groups, and who are their contact persons.

Wouldn’t it also be sensible to be able to see the contact info of ambassadors?


I can start. Finnish working groups:
Board and staff:
Event calendar:


Hi @jaakkokorhonen, one answer is that you need to do this in a sustainable way.

We have done this kind of exercise several times over the years and what happens is that the info gets out of date after a few months or a year. So, we really want to focus on a sustainable way of doing that. Right now this is being worked on – the work @Mor and others are doing on the guidelines is essential prep for this.

For my part, one thing you can do right is contribute to creating the Community Directory:

For example, have all the Finnish OK members got profiles here? Also is there a Finnish Local Groups section under Local Groups (e.g. on Front Page)? If not you can create one:

You could then post this kind of information in your “About topic” for that category.

/cc @Mor as I know she may have more to add here.


No, yes, and indeed, this is exactly what i was looking for @rufuspollock. We did touch this with @Mor in the community call today, and there is also effort the chapters need to put in.

We are in the process of really really wanting to refactor the whole the web, so for that part, I will look into your proposals.

Fortunately, I’ll be having a chance to touch this with @sandervdwaal and Dan in Amsterdam on the 8th-10th Mar.

Having talked to quite a few chapters, I must agree with you that there is a general need for a sustainable and holistic approach.

In communication, as important as the quality of communication is, people also need to have awareness of who are in the audience.


Ok, @rufuspollock, i had a look at categories for countries, and user profiles.

I still think It’s a third separate discussion to recognize how many are currently active of the organisation bodies and their contact people for:

  • Chapters
  • Local working groups
  • Local groups
  • International Working Groups
  • Countries with named ambassadors
  • Affiliates

It would natural and transparent that when the contact person wants to announce the state of their organisation body, they fill out a web form, and by that date, their group status is claimed in the organisation. We already require the Finnish Local Working Groups and projects do this, and they are proud to do so.

Data like this would give the whole network situational awareness about who we are, and empower OKI to systematically support the Chapters, Local groups, Countries and Affiliates.

Technically this can even be a simple google form, maybe using listify or similar, if we feel the technical effort would be too much otherwise. The MVP could be a simplified version of this with a Google form to update it.


Bumping this thread as we talked about something along these lines last week with @Mor @pavel_richter and others.