#Openimpact replication marathon. Replicate solutions, don’t reinvent the wheel!

I am Costantin from DataLook and I want to talk to you about an open data initiative launched by us called #openimpact.

DataLook is a directory of social good projects. These projects intend to solve civic issues using open data. We are running a marathon by inviting digital volunteers to replicate these projects for their city thereby maximizing the impact and minimizing the effort.

So far we have:

  • 150+ volunteers on our Slack account
  • 4 replications already in place and several on their way
  • Positive word of mouth by DataKind, Civic Hall and lots of love on ProductHunt.

Would love to hear your feedback or if you have any ideas for collaboration. You can write to me directly or tweet to us at @datalook


P.S If you do like what we are doing, please help us by spreading the word. We have few sample tweets here which you can send out from your account. You will be doing us a huge favor!

#openimpact is a 10-week replication marathon to show what data and code can do for the greater good http://blog.datalook.io/openimpact
Cool #opendata projects you can replicate or get involved in http://blog.datalook.io/openimpact #openimpact
Replicate solutions, don't recreate the wheel! @DataLook's #openimpact volunteer marathon. http://blog.datalook.io/openimpact
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Hi Costantin,

Welcome and it sounds like a great project.

Somehow you’ve managed to post this without a category (this could be a bug). I’ll try move your post to the Open Government Category (where you emailed previously) unless you think there’s a better category (Events?).

Hi Stephen,
Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes Open Government sounds like the best fit. Can you move it or do you want me to edit the post?

You’re welcome to try. Let me know if you have any problems. You’re security rights increase over time as you interact more with the forum.

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I do like this initiative. I didn’t see anything specifically built on CKAN that could be replicated, but maybe I missed it.

I guess my feedback would be that an app that can be replicated over multiple CKAN platforms would be something I could contribute to more easily :smile: