Should un-configured City Census appear on


A number of City Census have not been configured. While it’s great to see a long list of city census, it is disappointing when you arrive at a site like this…

Should census be removed from this list until they are properly configured?

As an aside, not sure why this census is showing it has one dataset.


HI @Stephen,

I leave this to @nealbastek to answer. :smile:


Agree it looks bad @Stephen

@pwalsh can you point me to the spot on github where I can propose changes to the content for the local census homepage? I’m not seeing it in the census repository.

I’ll put the regional links at the top of the list so we start off we two solid examples and submit an issue to see if there’s a way to automate that list based on configuration.


@nealbastek I guess that the census homepage ( resides in the ‘gh-pages’ branch of the census repository.


Thanks @jgkim

I submitted a pull request to change the order of the two lists on the page:

And an issue to see if the listing can be further automated to not include inactive instances: