Please, OK-Chapter Wordpress Theme in the Github

This is a technical solicitation. We suppose that
is a Wordpress theme like GitHub - okfn/wordpress-theme: OKFN corporate wordpress theme
so, we need something like
for test changes (on localhost or mentally) and fork/suggest to commit little changes.

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@pwalsh is this possible?
@ppkrauss see my latest message - Updates on Blog upgrades

Hi @ppkrauss

Simply fork the repo and work on your changes in a branch called okbr or similar, using that fork and branch for your local development.

However, note that the OKI sysadmin team do not have the capacity to manage or support custom themes across the 100+ network websites we host, so, if you decide to go the route of doing your own customizations, you will have to maintain this theme on your own going forward. We can’t give support on themes that are customized.

Hi @pwalsh

Thanks the reply. Your suggestion “Simply fork the repo” is impossible, we not have theme source code please send a zip that I will create the git repo with it, at okfn-brasil.

PS: thanks @Mor!


The theme is on GitHub:

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Thanks @pwalsh! See my commit at github pull request. The “plase modify site” discussions is here.

Hi, we need some support to Wordpress use or check what is worng in Multisite administration…
We lost (!) our on-click-vertical-menus at

EDIT 2017-02-13: Hi @pwalsh, can you help?

PS: no new 2017 commits at git, was not an upgrade.

@Mor could you help us to resolve this issue?

Hi @pwalsh, we will use our “standalone wordpress” (at instead of Wordpress-Multiste… Are there an upgrade do be made at our wordpress-theme, to be sync with the current
PS: seems not exactly the same colors.

(ref. support ticket #14)

Hi @ppkrauss

If you are using the latest Wordpress theme, then the colours should be the same. Perhaps @tlacoyodefrijol or @sandervdwaal can help in more detail.

It looks like the colors are the same. What seems to be the problem? Could you share a screenshot of the error?

Hi @tlacoyodefrijol and @pwalsh, thanks the feedback. We are testing and seems good (!). See
Next week’s we will review and launch the site…

The next problem will be the change, redirecting   to… Who to ask for it?

great news @ppkrauss!

I’ll check with the product team what would be the best way to do the redirection.

@pwalsh can do it if you need.