[Project-discussion] Wiki Rating

Hi all,

First of all, I would like to show you this new venture we are very close to get involved with. It all started when Marc, from Wiki Rating, reached OE to mention their project and to evaluate our probable interest to get involved with them. One of my missions as this group coordinator is to find a way to cause an impact on the economics society and to build excellent research and thematics in regard to important and concerning topics of our daily-life.

Rating firms and sovereign credit can be a complicated job. Besides, some say it has made more difficult the recovery job of some countries like Portugal, Greece and so on.

Wiki Rating is a worldwide independent, transparent and collaborative organization for credit ratings. It offers an open, editable centralized place for all credit rating related topics, and credit ratings for countries, corporations and other financial products. Wikirating unites rating experts, economists and normal people, similar to Wikipedia, but with a stronger and stricter peer review concept.

For now, only Samira Nikmari, from Italy, and Carsten Pauck mentioned their interest to get involved in this project. Out of a conversation with Wiki Rating org itself, I understood they need someone to take the lead on their Sovereign Rating Methodology and, unfortunately, I do not have enough time to manage the group and also take under such responsibility. If you wish to read in more detail what is needed for this role, please check this mail thread.
Nevertheless, I still want to be a part of the group and my collaboration will be closer to the supervisor or coordinator, where I will find you the right conditions and means to accomplish things. That includes, for instance, get in touch with some of other OK’s groups in order to find appropriate data.

Samira wants to work closely with the task of changing rating factors and the after calculations to determine a give rating. Carsten wants to collaborate by improving the automation process of fetching data and provide some outputs. Where do you want to collaborate? Let us know! :smile:

Can someone delete this topic?

We do not have enough human resources to suffice Wiki Rating’s needs for this role and thus, our pseudo-partnership failed. In the future, if we ever get enough people involved, maybe we can try to reach them again. For now, it does not make sense to have this around…

Thank you :thumbsup:

I think closing it is better in case someone needs it…