[Project Discussion] Oil


Hi all,

After regaining my strength after a tough breakdown at another project, I thought about what we could do to re-start the group. Most of the people previously involved left the group and/or moved away to other things and, thus, the group is kind of stumbling upon itself.

It is crucial to rapidly get involved with a couple of projects and get some results so that people realize we’re alive and kicking.

The oil industry is a very peculiar one and so I believe it is a great start - specially since the literature is vague and not very concise in specific matters. That is why the group has previously done a model of an oil contract, partnering up with Open Oil group. However, that research was not concluded and we must proceed.

In this specific thread, there are two main things I wish to know from you:

  1. Who’s interested to get involved in this topic? I know @Samira and @rbeard want to get involved, even though their contribution is kind of limited due to real life commitments. However, as you understand, as more people get involved, better for us.
  2. Which particular topics would you like to develop? Personally, I would vote for theoretical models to, first, explain some firm’s behaviors in the market and, later, proceed with empirical analysis, using open data - of course.

Please let us know your thoughts. Even if we are only a few collaborating, we can deliver amazing things, I am sure!

Thank you.


@gsilvapt what about rebooting continuing the failed bank tracker? I think that could be an easier place to start. I also recommend connecting with OpenSpending stuff.


@rufuspollock, the Failed Bank Tracker is up-to-date, I believe - thankfully!, as more failed banks wouldn’t be good news :smiley:

Since a lot of people showed their interest in the Oil Industry and, apparently, we have 3 research topics, I think we might just go ahead with this. I tried collaborating with Open Oil for this one, but didn’t got any reply. I will take a look at Open Spending stuff soon.