Improvement suggestions


Hi everyone,

Has mentioned in the other post, I hereby would like to suggest some actions to get this work group going again.

  1. I’d like to see the Failed Bank project running again. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with all that by myself. In order to bring more users to the group, I thought we could make it more complex and thus add more assigned tasks. It would be great to see some experts insights about why a given failure happened and what could have been done to avoid such things.
  2. For my master’s thesis, I have been researching and studying the effects of reference pricing schemes in a given model that studies the incentives for branded firms to release a so-called pseudo-generic to the market. I have realized this topic is pretty sensitive and honestly I don’t think that the regulators have been succeeding their task, since the drug prices are still too high and some corporations are still winning big time. As before, it would be interesting to have a work group within the Open Economics to research this industry in particular. It’s a very sensitive topic, since we all have to use these type of products sometime.
  3. Speaking of which, it would be interesting if we could have insights on the oil market development, providing trustworthy analysis and data.
  4. This last suggestion is more of a structural suggestion, rather than a work one. Do you guys think it would be useful to have an IRC channel so that we can all communicate instantly with each other? I searched for a #OpenEconomics on Freenode but there is no channel over there.

Thank you for your time.
If you think that an idea was not very clear, please let me know that I will elaborate it.

Best regards,

About the Open Economics category

(I’m an outside to this working group, but I wanted to help)

I wanted to suggest that you and the others work on the Open Economics wiki pages. Your working group is listed but the wiki home page hasn’t been created. You can also create a projects page that lists what projects the working group has. Example of a homepage and a projects page.


That’s a good tip. Definitely something to do soon! Thanks @belkinsa

Is there anyone willing to help me do our Wiki Page? It is useful to show others what we do/want to do.


This is a great project to focus on. As per @belkinsa suggestion can I suggest you create a wiki page for this project (or a section on the working group wiki page) summarizing your understanding and ideas for next steps and improvements. I can offer to help coordinate with the people who were maintaining this and can ensure you - and others who are interested - have admin access to the “database”.

I think this would be a great subject to propose. Why not start a dedicated thread on the forum here about this (and/or create a wiki page outlining the idea, the plan and the input required)

To start with, I suggest simply using this forum plus using the general #okfn channel on freenode. Later, once the need and demand is clearly established, we can create a dedicated #openeconomics channel (you don’t want to start out with a ghost-channel …)


First of all, I’d like to truly thank you for your feedback @rufuspollock.

I am on it currently. Unfortunately, I don’t know when it will be done. However, I can guarantee you guys that I will start working on the Wiki Page soon enough. I think it is crucial to show others what is going on and how can they meet us, a side from the mailing lists references throughout the domain of OK - something I struggled before.
I accept your help since you probably have collaborated with the group before so you know who to reach. I will write some guidelines so that we can start work there on. Soon enough, I may need help to revise the texts - English is not my native language - and also to add more content. I will think about the best strategy to do this, since these are different projects and tasks. Perhaps creating topics here will help and will be enough. If not, I will then proceed to email everybody in the mailing list.

I will leave this to future actions. This may occupy a lot of time and this is not the best time for me in terms of free time. However, it felt great to see some support on this. Thanks! Nonetheless, reactivating certain projects first will be more useful, since we already have the base blueprint to work with.

Regarding the IRC channel, I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait :smiley: I created the channel just in case anyone in the group (and outsiders, of course) wants to meet up, although it is not fully prepared nor automated. I’ll need to read some information about the channel creation bit on Freenode since I never did it before. Anyway, if anyone wants to join the channel feel free to do so: #openeconomics on Freenode. Later tonight, I’ll try to upgrade it, call some bots, try to get it logged and what-not.

Thanks for your feedback, once again!


Hi again,

So, the wiki page is up with some of the projects. I haven’t added all of them since most of them are resources and I guess that bit would be out of place, since the goal of our Wiki is to have a blueprint of which projects are running and which are not.
I made my own judgement in regard to each project. For instance, it felt that Metametrik is a finished project, even though there are some suggestions that can be done. My idea is to clarify which projects were done successfully even though they may require some sort of updates. If that’s the case, we’ll then add a line about it in the “Future developments” category.

Feel free to comment the structure of the thing. I apologize in advance but I’ve never made any sort of Wiki editing or creation. Therefore, it may not look as good as @belkinsa’s suggestion.
Well, here it is:
Let me know what are you thoughts about it.


Also, one more suggestion:

  • Can we add the Wiki address to Personally, I believe it would fit better in the “Get Involved” page at the website.

Before I post the wrong request, should I address this to the system admins as well?