Public website for city/municipal council


not sure if this is the right place to post this
but I am looking for information about the tools and solutions
municipal councils are using worldwide.

as I am working on open budget for municipal council in Israel
some of them say that they do not have budget for making public website and run it so I am looking for worldwide solutions like Plonegov.

If you know how cities are building and managing their public website please let me know

thank you

Hi Ofer,

Yup, you are in the right place. Welcome!

There are many many tools for opening municipal budgets. I would of course normally advise you: to upload and visualize the data. But that is currently being redeveloped, a relaunch should take place in the coming months, you will hear it here when we are ready again.
So if you have now some budget data that you would like to upload and visualize, you might want to play with the tools at:

If you were more looking for good examples, put your google translate on and look at some of these examples:
Dutch municipal data:
Italian Regional Data:
Local Budgets Connecticut -

And last but not least, if you are working in Isreal, do you already know the guys from Obudget/Hasadna: מפתח התקציב @adam @Mor can you connect Ofer further?

Good luck.

Cheers, Anna

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I am volunting for about a year at Hasadna and now in the last month I started project to contact 30 municipalies all over Israel and ask them about how much their website costs and who is the contractor.

meanwhile only 3 replaied and part of the information is not clear.

I am looking for ready solutions for public websites for municipalties like plonegov.

Hi @oferw

There is not a lot more to suggest, beyond the discussion we’ve had on HaSadna forums over the last year or so, and comments from others there.

  • For municipal websites in general, CKAN is the most common data portal.
  • For spend-data-specific solutions, then the new OpenSpending is the way forward, and there is the old codebase I wrote for HaSadna which has lots of code and ideas for presenting such data in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian - some of this could be refactored to use an OpenSpending backend if you have the inclination.

About the data: Have you collected additional data from that which @Ido, Yehonatan Daniv, and I did as part of the above project as well? If yes, I’d be happy to help you bring all that muni budget data together and get it into Fiscal Data Package so that we can get it all into OpenSpending ASAP. I know that data really well, so I know that getting it into OS will not be too difficult at all.

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thank you for your replay
can you show me examples of municipal websites using CKAN?
also we need to translate CKAN to Hebrew right?

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HaSadna has already translated most of it to Hebrew a couple of years ago. You can see that on the HaSadna CKAN server:

Here is an example regional govt. CKAN instance:

You can also see some case studies for CKAN:

And, a fairly comprehensive list of CKAN instances: