Want to join project

I am from Israel and would like to join one of the projects.

What is the best way to study and join?

thank you

Ofer Wiesglass

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Hi Ofer,
If you would like to create a open data index for Israel, you can request a site here. The site is quite easy to configure. Here are the steps I followed and it’s worth reading the documentation. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is if you plan to assess open data at a city or regional level.

To contribute on a smaller scale, you can assess open data published in other regions and cities via the many open data index sites already established.

There are other major projects and projects in the lab you may also be interested in learning about.

Hi @oferw

Welcome to the forums.

As @Stephen points out above, there are many references to get started on the Census/Index (the forum you posted in).

Additionally, because I know you are interested in the municipal budget and spend data in Israel, you may therefore be interested in OpenSpending. In fact, much of the data you have at HaSadna is related to previous work I did there (I’m also pwalsh on the HaSadna forum).

In any event - welcome and let us know if we can help you in any way.

Thank you

I will study more and than ask in case I have any qustion

in general I am much more interstd in working on africa markt
and research the data for countirs lik congo.

Hi Ofer,

You should check out the article pages at Econ Factbook to for links to african economic data. Search for a specific country using control-F. Maybe this will help you find the economic data you want.