Reinstate the regular OpenSpending developer meeting


Want to propose we reinstate the regular OpenSpending developer meetings. As per previous practice these would be on first Thursday of every month at 3pm London / 4pm Europe / 10am East Coast US.


We stopped doing the developer meetings when fewer and fewer people showed up but given the recent surge of new contributors I think we should definitely reinstate the meetings and let’s start with the first Thursday of November.

The only thing I’m afraid of is that we do have some new contributors from the west coast US and from Japan who will then not be able to attend the meetings. Should we therefore perhaps look into having meeting later in the evening to give them a chance to participate? What do you think Rufus?


Sounds good all round and moving to e.g. 1830 London would be good for me :slight_smile:

My suggestion to check with others (who aren’t here and may miss the list) is actually to open a github issue and @ the relevant folks and ask them what they think (maybe point them to this thread).



@trickvi any thoughts here? The next one would be this coming week so we’d need to announce soon if we were going ahead.

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