Tech Hangout Sept 2015



The September 2015 OpenSpending Tech Hangout details:


Suggestions welcome!

Missed the hangout? Watch it below!


Next MVP: CSV to Data Package to Aggregate to Visualization
When is next OpenSpending Community Hangout and Tech Update?

I’m going!

@stevage @nikeshbalami you guys interested?


Yeah @rufuspollock sounds great, thanks for pinging. I would definitely love to join.


Yeah, thanks very much for the heads up!


@Anna_Alberts and @maramendes - are you both able to make it?

@maramendes - would you like to do a 2m intro to DigiWhist?


Thanks for the heads-up. Yes will join


@rufuspollock yes I will join too and am happy to quickly present DIGIWHIST.


@maramendes Excellent! That would be great yes to have a short DIGIWHIST overview! Thank you!


@maramendes @Anna_Alberts @nikeshbalami @stevage > could you please join the hangout 10-5 min before the given time? It will ensure you a secured spot in there. Seats are limited and I want to make sure you’re in. Thanks!


@CecileLG, do we have notes of this meeting? As I said on a previous week, I was going to be travelling for work, so I couldn’t attend. But I’d love to know how was it!


Sure @everton137 We have even better. The hangout has be recorded here and you can watch it entirely
I know you were at the ConDatos Conference this time but we’ll be more than happy to have you on board for the next call!


Merci, @CecileLG. I’ll try to watch it! Has someone made notes as well?


@everton137 All the useful notes and information are the slide deck above


OK! I was seeking a document cause it’s quickier. Thanks! :smile: